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1.tell a joke/ story 讲笑话/讲故事  

  tell a lie / truth 撒谎/讲真话

2.two-week school trip= two weeks’ school trip 为期两周的学校旅行

3. a little bit 一点儿;少许

4. have a quick breakfast 匆匆地吃完早饭

5.a relaxing vacation 一次令人放松的假期  

6.cut up 切碎 

7. mix up 混合在一起

8. add… to 把..加到…上      

9. at the start /beginning of 在…的开头, 在…的开端

10.sleep late 睡过头, 起得晚   

11.on the day off 在休息日

12. go for a drive 开车兜风

13. a difficult piece of music 一支很难的曲子 

14. win first prize 获得一等奖

15. a part-time job 一份兼职工作  

16. hold an art exhibition 举行美术展览

17. do chores干家务,做杂事

18. with the help of 在…的帮助下 the dishes  洗餐具 the neighborhood 在附近

21.sweep the floor 扫地  

22.take out the trash 倒垃圾        

23.make the bed 铺床  

24.fold the clothes  叠衣服   

25.clean the living room  清理客厅

26.stay out late 呆在外面很晚 

27.get a ride 搭车 on 从事,忙于 a fun part of town   位于市区好玩的地段落  

30.friendly service  友好的服务

31.comfortable seats舒适的座 a survey做一个调查 to music 随着音乐跳舞

34.fall in love with sb. / sth.爱上某人/某物

35.keep out不许进入,阻止在外

36.out of style过时

37argue with sb.=have an argument with sb.与某人争吵   

38. complain about抱怨… style = be fashionable时尚,时髦    

40. have a fight with sb.跟某人打架

41.get on well with sb.与某人相处融洽   

42. an unusual experience一次非同寻常的经历  

43.walk down 沿着---走 

44. run away 逃跑,跑开 

45. at the doctor’s 在医院,在诊所

46.on (the )one hand一方面on the other hand另一方面 

47. a national hero 一名民族英雄

48. leave a message 留口信 take a message 捎口信 

49. in good health 身体健康 card 成绩单  

51.a disappointing result 一个令人失望的结果 

52.copy one’s homework 抄某人的作业   

53.get over 克服,原谅,恢复 

54. open up 打开

55. a good start 一个好的开端 

56.a good influence 一个好的影响 danger 在危险中

58. take away 拿

59.make a living 谋生 

60. in order to 为了

61. run out of 用尽,用完

62.order/book food/room订购食物/房间  

63.wait in line排队等候 

64.give away 赠送,分发,捐给

65.rather than  而不是

66.enter a contest参加一个比赛

67.end up with以….结束

68. There’s no (time) to do sth 没有(时间)做某事 

69.natural environment自然环境

70.prefer to do sth. rather than do sth宁愿…也不愿  

71. an amusement park游乐园 least至少 

73. a large popution 人口众多a small population人烟稀少

74.special/creative enough 够特别/够有创意

75.English-speaking country说英语的国家

76.a native speaker of English以英语为母语的人

77.listening / writing skill 听力/写作技巧

78.small talk 闲聊 

79.come along (意外)来到

80. right away=at once=in a minute立刻,马上

81.would mind doing sth  介意做某事would mind not doing sth  不介意做某事

82. all the time 一直 order to 为了

84. copy one’s homework 抄某人的作业

85. first of all =at first 起初,首先  

86. hear about /of听说 87. shout at 朝---叫喊,呼喊

88. call sb.up = ring sb. up = make a telephone to sb. A with B 拿A跟B比

90. ask sb.for sth. 向某人要某物 91. in 100 years 100年以后

92. a hundred year ago100年以前

93.less than不到,少于

94. be stressed out 有压力的;紧张的

95.dinning hall餐

96. game show 游戏节目 

97. play chess下棋    

98. not bad不错

99. go to the cinema/film/ movies 去看电影 

100. in some ways 在某些方面




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