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Dear XXX

①自我介绍 I am LiHua, Chairman of the Student Union of XXX high school. ②举办活动 Recently, a 某某活动  will be held in our campus.

③邀请你来 We would be honored to have you there with us.

④介绍细节 Here are some relevant details about this activity. 

⑤活动主题 To begin with, the theme of the activity will be  某某主题, which will be not only meaningful but also interesting. 

⑥时间地点 Besides, it will be in  某某地点  from  几点几分  to  几点几分  in the morning/afternoon/evening on  几月几号. 

⑦谁来干啥  What’s more,  哪 些 人  will take part in it, doing sth1, doing sth2 and doing sth3. 

⑧不懂就问Finally, if you have any further questions, please feel free to call me at 12345678.

⑨希望你来 Hopefully, you would make it to our activity. /I have the confidence that you will have agreat time. 

⑩期待回复 Please give me a call or drop me a line to let me know your decision soon. / I amlooking forward to your reply and your presence.

Best wishes,


Li Hua


Dear XXX,

① 开 头 问 候 How are you doing? 

② 自 我 介 绍 I am LiHua,  以 同 位 语 讲 一 下 身 份 . 

③ 发 生 事 情 Recently,  发 生 了 什 么 事 情 或 者 要 发 生 什 么 事 情. 

④写信告知 So, I am writing to inform you of some relevant details.

⑤告知事项一  To begin with,  造句表达第一个告知事项. 

⑥告知事项二 Besides,  造句表达第二个告知事项. 

⑦告知事项三 What’s more,  造句表达第三个告知事项.

⑧告知事项四  Finally,  造句表达第四个告知事项.

⑨结尾套话 Hopefully, sb. would do sth./ I have the confidence that sb will do sth./ Please give me acall or drop me a line to let me know your decision soon./ I am looking forward to your reply and your presence.

Best wishes,


Li Hua


Dear Sir or Madam,

①开头问候 How are you doing? 

②自我介绍 I am LiHua, a 17-year-old teenager who  用定语从句简


③得知活动 Recently, I have learned in your micro-blog that  有一个什么事情要发生. 

④咨询问题 So, I am writing to ask you some relevant questions.

⑤ 咨 询 问题 一 To begin with, I wish you would be so kind as to check for me the schedule and the location of XXX. 

⑥咨询问题二 Moreover, I wonder whether/when/where/who/what……. 

⑦咨询问题三What’s more, I would appreciate it if you can tell me ........

⑧希望解答 Hopefully, you can help me with the questions above. ⑨期待回复 I am sincerely looking forward to your reply at your earliest convenience.

Best wishes.




Dear Sir or Madam,

① 自 我 介 绍 I am LiHua, a 17-year-old teenager currently studying in XXX school. 

② 问 题 困 扰 Recently, some problems keep confusing me. 

③请求帮助 As a result, I have no better choice but to turn to you for help.

④描述问题一 To begin with, doing sth1 has always been a big headache for me, which makes me feel upset sometime. 

⑤描述问题二 Besides,I also have difficulty in doing sth2; consequently, it seems a little bit challenging for me to do sth3. 

⑥描述问题三  What’s more, it has been troubling me for a long time that I

have no idea how to do sth4.

⑦希望管用 Hopefully, your kind and timely help can solve my problems. 

⑧期待回复 I am sincerely looking forward to your reply at your earliest convenience.

Best wishes!

Yours truly,



Dear Sir or Madam,

①开头问候 How are you doing?

②自我介绍 I am LiHua, a 17-year-old teenager currently studying in XXX middle school, who is crazy about XXX.

③得知招聘信息  Recently, I learned in your official website that you need a  某某岗位. I am very interested in this position. 

④写信应聘 So, I am writing to apply for it.

⑤个人优势 From my perspective, there is no doubt that I am the best choice for you. 

⑥优势一:结合题目来写 First and foremost, needless to say, I am good at  某某方面, for I once did sth.

⑦  优势二:情商高 Additionally, no one can deny I get along well with all my classmates, enjoy a harmonious interpersonal relationship and am always ready to help others.

⑧优势三:有相关经验 Last but not least, I have some relevant experience, considering that I once worked in a similar company/for a similar activity.

⑨希望得到这个机会 Hopefully, the wonderful chance would be offered to me./I have the confidence that I will do this job well. 

⑩期待回复  I am looking forward to your earliest reply.

Best wishes!




Dear XXX,

①  对方问题  Recently, I learned in your micro-blog that  你遇到了什么事情. ②给予帮助  So, I am writing to give you a hand.

③分析对方遇到问题的原因 From my perspective, there are two reasons for this. 

④原因一 For one thing, ________ .

⑤原因二  For another, _______.

⑥ 给 出 建 议 Here are some humble suggestions for you. 

⑦ 建 议 一 First and foremost, you are supposed to do sth1. 

⑧建议二  Additionally, if I were you, I would do sth2. 

⑨建议三  Last but not least, it is high time that you did sth3.

⑩结尾客套话 Hopefully, your problems would be solved soon. / I am looking forward to your good news.

Best wishes!




Dear XXX,

①开头问候 How is everything going? 

②简单叙旧 How time flies! /It has been nearly a week since I

arrived home. / I miss you so much! 

③表达感谢  So, I have no choice but to write to you to express my heartfelt gratitude to you.

④分析表达感谢的原因 Whenever I look at our photos, I just can’t help thinking of you. 

⑤感恩事项一  It was to kind of you to do sth1. 

⑥感恩事项二 Besides, you did sth2, which really moved me. 

⑦感恩事项三 What’s more, you taught me how to cook American food. 

⑧表示不会忘记  Nothing would be able to erase our wonderful memories and I will cherish them forever.

⑨期待再见  Hopefully, we would get together again soon.

⑩期待回复 I am looking forward to this day.

Best wishes!




Dear XXX,

① 开 头 问 候 How are  you  doing?

② 原 本 计 划 Recently, we planned  to do sth. 

③ 无 法 执 行 Unfortunately, I didn’t/won’t make it. 

④表达歉意  So, I am writing to express my heartfelt apology to you!

⑤多么希望能按原计划执行 How I wish that I had done sth1! / How I wish that I would do sth1! 

⑥不能按计划执行的原因  However, I am chosen to do sth2, which, you know, is really significant to me. 

⑦只能食言  As a result, I have no choice but to break my promise with you. /I believe that if you were me, you would make the same choice.

⑧ 请 求 谅 解  Hopefully, you would understand my situation and accept my apology.

⑨ 希 望 弥 补  I wish I could make it up for you. 

⑩期待回信 I am looking forward to your reply.

Best wishes!




Dear XXX,

①开头寒暄 Good news travels fast. 

②写信背景 I have learned with delight that you  做到了什么事情.


③抒发情绪 The happiness in my heart is just the same as yours. / I know how hard you must have been working and I am so proud of you for your achievement.

④分析取得成就的原因 Just as is said in the Bible, those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy. / Now you have tasted the joy that only a few people knows when his great effort is finally repaid. 

⑤原因一:勤劳智慧  Indeed, it is a reward you richly deserve for your diligence as well as your intelligence.

⑥原因二:长期积累  Besides, I understand for sure that it is your long-term accumulated experience that leads you to the current success.

⑦分享快乐 Thank you for letting me share not only your happiness but also your inspirations. 

⑧美好祝福 Please accept my sincere congratulations and best wishes for your future success.

Best wishes!




Dear XXX,

① 自 我 介 绍  I’m  Li  Hua,  a  17-year-old teenager  who  has  just  bought a XXX from your online store/experienced the service in your restaurant. 

②提出抱怨  I feel bad to trouble you but I’m afraid that I must make a complaint about it.

③原本期待 How I wish that I would have enjoyed a 100% satisfaction! 

④糟糕体验一 However, much to my disappointment, _________. 

⑤糟糕体验二  Besides, _________. 

⑥糟糕体验三 To make matters worse, it still puzzles me that your telephone customer service staff should refuse to answer my questions.

⑦期待改进 Hopefully, for the sake of your reputation, you would look into the matter and make some appropriate improvements. 

⑧ 改 进 建 议 For example, why not do sth? 

⑨ 期 待 回 复 Thank you for your consideration and I will be looking forward to your reply.

Best wishes!






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