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1、表起始的过渡语有to  begin with, according to, so far, as far as等。例如:


As far as I know, everyone is happy about this new arrangement of things.


2、表时间的过渡语有first/firstly,in the mean time, at the same time, for the first time, ever since, while,shortly after, the next moment, nowadays, at present, before long, in thefuture等。例如:


After that I went to No. 8 Middle Schoolof Dalian and graduated this summer.


Firstly, the technology of ... secondly,people’s income has...Thirdly, mobile phones are....

表空间的过渡语有on the right/ left, to the right/left of, on one side of... on the other side of ..., at the foot/ top/ end of,in the middle/ center of等。例如:


On the other side, where the playgroundused to be now stands another new building—our library.


4、表因果的过渡语有thanks to, thus, therefore, as a result(of...), with the help of..., owe等。例如:


The company has a successful year,thanks mainly to the improvement in export sales.


As a result, many of us succeeded inpassing the College Entrance Examinations.

5、表转折的过渡语有on the contrary/contrary to ..., though, for one thing ...for another, on thecontrary, except for, in spite of, otherwise, after all, in fact等。例如:


I know the Internet can only be used at home or in the office, but on the otherhand, it is becoming more and more popular for much information as well asclear and vivid pictures.


 It is hard work; I enjoy it though.


Contrary to what I had originallythought, the trip turned out to be fun.


6、表例证和列举的过渡语有thatis to say, as a matter of fact, namely, for instance, an example,such as, that is , like, as follows, in other words, and so on等。例如:


As a matter of fact, advertisement plays an informative role in our daily life.


There is one more topic to discuss,namely/that is ( to say ), the question of education.


 A particular example for this is...

7、表并列的过渡语有as wellas, not only...but (also), including等。例如:


Not only do computers play animportant part in science and technology, but also play an informative role inour daily life.


All of us, including the teachers /the teachers included, will attend the lecture.


He speaks French as well as English.=He speaks English, and French as well. =He speaks not only English but alsoFrench.


E-mail, as well as telephones, isplaying an important part in daily communication.

8、表推进的过渡语有what’s more, further more, on one hand, the other hand..., inaddition to, moreover, worse still, to make matters worse, but for等。例如:


The house is too small for a family offour, and furthermore/besides/what’s more/moreover /in addition/worse still, itis in a bad location.


I used to have to work even atweekends doing endless homework and attending classes as well.


Another equally important aspect is...


A is but one of the many effects.Another is...


Besides, other reasons are...


9、表强调的过渡语有:especially,indeed, at least, at the most, What in the world/on earth.. , not at all等。例如:


Noise is unpleasant, especially whenyou are trying to sleep.


 What in the world/on earth are youdoing?

10、表总结用语有:in short; In summary, briefly/ inbrief ; generally speaking, in a word, as you know, as is known to all等。例如:   


Generally speaking, sending an e-mailis more convenient than sending letters.


In short, measures must be taken toprevent the environment being polluted.




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